Sunday, April 29, 2012

Date Night

Calvin and I are poor college students, so going out on a date is a huge exciting event! So yes, our two hour date deserves a whole blog post. :) This past Thursday, Calvin and I decided to go on a little date before the stress of finals began! We went to Sages Cafe, which is a vegetarian restaurant. Calvin must really love me, because he is a huge meat eater :) Then, we went to Cheesecake Factory at City Creek to get some cheesecake. That was an adventure itself! It took us forever to even find City Creek and then we couldn't figure out where to park. Once we found out where to park we got on the elevator but kept getting off at the wrong floors. That was probably the highlight of the night! We drove up to Ensign Peak (but I was wearing heeels, so we did not hike it) and walked down into this little garden walkway that had these way pretty purple plants! Here are some pics:


  1. you two are so cute together!!!!! :)

    1. Thanks Collette! But I'd have to say you and your husband are even cuter!

  2. lindsay bennett!! how come i didn't know you had an adorable blog?? well...i think its adorable:) and i think you are adorable...with calvin!