Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Birthday

So my birthday was almost a month ago, but I decided I should blog about it since I haven't blogged in forever because I feel like I have nothing to blog about!
Calvin took me out the day before my birthday. We have this habit of celebrating birhtdays, Valentines, and anniversaries for an entire day with each other. My mom even said, "How long do you think this whole going out for a whole day thing is gonna last?" My reply was, "...forever?", but we will see. :)
Anyways, we started the day by going to Taco Time for lunch (no, we don't wake up early enough for breakfast) even though he doesn't like it. We then went to the aquarium where we have yearly memberships! We finally got to see the cute new otters. I would post a picture, but my phone is currently broken. He bought me this card game called "It Came to Pass" which I have been wanting because I used to play it when I was little. We went back to my house and played for a few hours. Then, we went to dinner at Gepeddos (which is the cutest/tastiest italian restaurant) and then went to see Wanderlust with Jennifer Anniston (who I adore). I wanna say that next we went to Sub Zero and got ice cream or something, but I have a horrible memory and this was a month ago! Either way, I know I loved the whole day. Oh and he got me sunflower seeds, like the ones you plant and not the ones you eat, because I love sunflowers! I can't wait to plant them. He also got me The Office version of Monopoly which we went home and played. This is when we decided we are going to collect Monopoly games because we already have like six.
The next day, my real birthday, it was time for my birthday family dinner. I chose to go to the Cheesecake Factory (of course). We got to the restaurant at 4:00 p.m., on a Sunday, and still had to wait for an hour. But, we had a part of like 11, so I can understand. My parents and siblings went (besides Randy, I think Germany is a long drive from Cheesecake Factory), and both sets of my grandparents so it was really nice. Luckily, they messed up on my mom's and Ryan's dinners, so we got those for free. My sister got me some clothes, and everyone else mostly gave me money. I don't think I'm hard to shop for, but apparently everyone else does! It was a great birthday weekend, and I had spring break for the week after which made it even better.
Here is a pic of my favorite dish there. I know they look disgusting, but they are amazingly delicious! You can find them under the appetizer section and they are called Sweet Corn Tamale Cakes
And my FAVORITE cheesecake! Vanilla bean!
Great. Now my mouth is watering, and I hope yours is too!

p.s. I stole these pics from Google.


  1. gepetto's (spelling?) is amazing! happy birthday last month :)also, i'm excited to be blog friends.

  2. Collette - It is one of my favorite places to eat! I'm also excited to be blog friends! I just can't wait until the day my blog and life are as interesting as yours! haha.