Monday, January 30, 2012

Immortal Mine Book Review

For the month of January I decided to read Immortal Mine by Cindy C Bennett who also happens to be my mom (no, I'm not biased).
Here is what the book is about:
Niahm (pronounced Neeve) Parker is thoroughly content with her life in the small town of Goshen. Her parents, who travel frequently for their work, have raised a headstrong, independent teen. While her peers can hardly wait for the opportunity to leave, Niahm plans to stay forever.

When Shane Coleman and his nephew Sam move into town, it's the biggest event to happen in as long as anyone can remember. It’s quite remarkable for anyone to move into Goshen rather than out, but when it’s discovered that Sam is 17, it requires some serious burning of the phone lines. All the teen girls are thrilled to have a new hottie in town—all except Niahm. Sam Coleman represents a threat to her perfect way of life.

Sam is drawn to Niahm against his will. He'd prefer to not be bound to this angry, stubborn, unlikeable girl. Unfortunately, he has no choice. However, Sam didn't plan on falling for Niahm. For Immortals, love is not only forbidden, but dangerous for her. He finds himself in a fight not only for Niahm's heart, but to protect her from being harmed by those who seek to destroy Sam and those like him.

Niahm finds herself attracted to the tall, copper-headed boy, who becomes her friend and then her support when tragedy strikes. Soon, she begins to realize that there may be more to Sam than she ever suspected... much more. But what he truly is, she can't begin to imagine.

Now, when I first read the back of the book it sounded slightly like Twilight to me, so I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. But it is nothing like Twilight! Plus, it is way better. It is a whole different story, and it is very unique and entertaining. I would give Immortal Mine 5 stars out of 5! I loved it. I was getting near the end of the book and everything was all happy when BAM! Suddenly, the book took a very unexpected turn. Immortal Mine was such an unpredictable story and I loved it. I was really sad when it ended, but luckily it ends in a way that is satisfiable, at least for now. Plus, there are going to be sequels and since I have the hookups, I can probably read the sequel as soon as she starts writing it. :)
Immortal Mine was an amazing paranormal romance book that I would recommend to everyone, even if it doesn't sound like your type of book! I was a little skeptical at first as well, but I ended up loving it. In fact, it is my favorite book of Cindy's so far.

Find out more about Immortal Mine or her other two novels, Heart on a Chain and Geek Girl at her website:


  1. What a smart girl you are;}} It is a great book!

  2. SO happy to see you started this blog, Lindsay. As for your opinion on IM, what can I say? You nailed it.

  3. i'm halfway through the book...and am loving it too...