Thursday, January 5, 2012


I have always wanted to have my own blog, but I really have no particular special crafty talents to blog about, or some sad life story... So I'm just winging it! I suppose I plan on writing about my college experience, my hopes and dreams for the future, fun memories and experiences, things that inspire me from day to day, and probably a few things about baking (because that's something I LOVE to do!) 

Here are a few things about myself:
I attend the University of Utah where I am working on my Bachelor's in psychology with a health promotion minor. I also live in the dorms up there which is fun, but bittersweet at the same time. Because I received by Associate's Degree in high school, I will be done with my Bachelor's  in Spring of 2013! After that I plan on getting my Master's ASAP, and perhaps think about doing a Doctorate.

I love to cook, especially when it comes to baking yummy treats! Me and my friend Alexis are always baking up new tasty treats every time I come home for the weekend.
I love my family very much! My sister is my bestest friend in the whole wide world and I would be lost without her.

I also love my boyfriend, Calvin, very much! We have been together for over two years and I couldn't be happier. I never knew I would be lucky enough to end up with such an amazing, sweet man.
In my spare time I like to bake, do puzzles, play board games, watch The Office or Friends, hang out with my dogs, and sleep. I'm kind of like an old lady in that way!

Welp, there goes my first post. I hope you guys enjoy what is yet to come!


  1. Welp, I have to say, that's a very cute post from my very cute daughter!

  2. Let me be the second to sign up right after your mom.
    You have done a great job on your blog. Can't wait to get your updates.